Timely, Responsive, and Reliable

Pam’s attention to detail is amazing. She writes well, speaks well, and rarely makes a mistake.

She is self-motivated. She always gets everything done on time. She responds to emails and phone calls immediately. She never has to be asked twice to do anything. She is reliable and always up for a challenge.

Honestly, I couldn't say anything negative about her if I wanted to!

Rachael Kraus, The Appointment Biz


Humorous and Trustworthy

Pam’s sense of humor is infectious. She is fiercely loyal to friends and loved ones. Her writing is sensitive and insightful—and grammatically correct.

Pam is a competent worker. She sees the job through. She took charge of getting her father’s novel published posthumously. It’s a handsome volume. If the need arose, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask her to administer my estate.

Pam stands up for what she believes is right. I’ve never known her to cut corners or stretch the truth—well, at least not very far; there is that sense of humor, after all! You can trust her with your life.

R. Eugene Bales; PhD., Author of "But Then My Voice Changed" and "Grit Beneath My Nails"

Sensitive and Caring

I have known Pam Hair for more than thirty years. She is a very positive and dynamic personality. Easily, she mixes the seriousness of a situation with appropriate humor that is germane to the current issue. Pam has an intellectual approach that draws on the facts as well as the possibilities. She knows “human nature,"is sensitive, caring and respecting of people and weaves that perspective into her business and social graces.

It is without reservation that I recommend Pam Hair for your thoughtful consideration.

Dudley Dodgion Toevs, Retired Educator

Responsible and Conscientious

Pam is very responsible and conscientious. She has a servant heart and strives diligently to get the job done. She can handle a variety of projects and is typically not over-whelmed. She combines intelligence with computer skills. She also works well with a minimal amount of supervision.

Richard Coe, Owner - Coe Financial Services

Easy Going

Pam has been a part of my life for nearly 50 years. In this day and time few people can say that. When faced with a task, she doesn't stop until it is completed with the excellence she is known for.

Pam has many passions, among them writing, dogs, music and people. She has an incredible sense of humor that has kept me afloat in all of life's situations.

She is easy going, yet determined to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to.

Cindy Griswold, Retired teacher and cat lover