Pam Hair was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. Her father was a brilliant physicist. Her mother trained to be a concert pianist, though she chose not to perform. Her older brother has a engaging, out-going personality that draws people to him. Pam felt she lacked any of the exceptional traits the other members of her family had, and as a result, she makes it a point to go the extra mile.


She enjoyed school and did well. She graduated in the top 5% in her class of over 600 students. Since childhood, she has had a heart for helping people. In grade school she would help other classmates with their reading and arithmetic. In seventh grade, she offered to help a classmate with her Science homework, even though Pam hadn't really met the girl; they developed a fast friendship that they enjoy to this day.


Pam always enjoyed writing. Though she developed her own voice early on, she also learned to mimic the voice of others. She never thought about this too much; she just adapted her writing to the needs of the situation. Others appreciated it, though, as she found out one day as one of her bosses was heading out the door. "But Chris, you need to get this letter written," Pam reminded him. He responded, "Just write it for me: your letters always sound like I wrote them anyway."


Pam worked with a couple of different companies, in a variety of positions, through the years; but what she really wanted was a position where she could be a Girl Friday and help her employer reach his or her goals.


She still remembers the process of getting her then "dream job" as the administrative assistant to a financial planner. The job would give her variety, the need to constantly learn new things, and most of all a chance to become indispensable to her employer.


She was thrilled to be called in for a second interview. It was held in the evening, and she went directly to the interview from her day job. Her prospective employer was really putting her through her paces. One hour passed, then two, then three as she completed sample task after sample task. Pam hadn't eaten since lunch: at 8:30 in the evening she was still interviewing and a thunderstorm was raging outside. She was hungry and worried about her dogs who were outside. Even though they had a nice dog house, she didn't like leaving them out in storms, especially not in Kansas where tornadoes are quite common.


As part of the interview, Pam had typed a letter from dictation and her prospective employer wanted to see what the letter looked like printed out, but the printer was malfunctioning. He didn't hold Pam responsible for the printer malfunction, but he was spending what seemed to her to be an inordinate amount of time trying to get the printer working. Pam was tired and couldn't quite understand why it was so important that he see the letter printed out: he could view it on the computer screen. Tired, hungry, worried and slightly confused she quipped, "Can't we just imagine what it would be like if it printed?" The next day she was offered the job. Pam subsequently found out that the more he thought about her comment, the more it struck him as funny and by the time he went to bed, he was laughing so hard the bed shook. She worked for that financial advisor for twelve years and they remain good friends. He found out that she not only could and would handle anything he needed, but could always be counted on to lighten the mood when things were stressed.


One of Pam's greatest joys is to help others achieve their goals. "Copywriting is the best of all worlds," Pam often says. "It gives me the chance to combine my love for pets with my passion for writing all the while helping other people achieve their goals. It just doesn't get any better than that!"


Pam lives in Colorado with her husband, Randy, and their two guinea pigs, Tater and Mater. Their beloved dog, Reggie, passed away last fall. Always the dog person, though, Pam expects they'll have another dog within the next year or so: they're waiting for the right dog to come along.